Sunday, 21 September 2014


Whether the digital revolution makes or breaks your business will likely depend on the underpinning ‘digital integration’ necessary to optimise the customer experience. Because this requires an unprecedented level of cross-functional collaboration, Pomegranate, a pioneering digital user experience agency, has incorporated into our offering TEAMWIN, the innovative collaborative capability developed and used around the world by strategy consultancy Beechwood International. 

This unique combination allows organisations to explore ways to improve the digital customer journey and address the required internal changes in tandem. 

To celebrate this initiative, we have designed a highly interactive, productive and enjoyable 1-day workshop, for carefully selected cross-functional groups across the organisation to look back to review their ‘digital journey’, and look forward to refocus and re-energise. Participants will leave with fresh insights and a shared understanding of the vision, priorities and next actions. 

We will tailor the workshop planning, facilitation and reporting to your particular needs, and agree an outcomes-based fee. We hope that this might then form the basis of a replicable process to kick off and monitor progress of your digital projects as they arise. And by repeating this experience across the organisation, cross-functional collaboration will progressively become embedded in the way your people navigate the digital journey, and other aspects of the business, together. 

If you think that now is the right time to affirm the work you are doing, or you want to increase the success of a next phase of development, this pit-stop will help your team to frame and resolve the challenges that jeopardise the value of your digital customer experience.

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